The recreational experience in entertainment venues, fosters the discovering of city social life, the natural encounter with locals, the celebration of new friendships that leave an unforgettable emotional mark in tourists and visitors… and It is an excellent loyalty tool for
the industry.

In this regard, Madrid is one of the best world tourist destinations when talking about nightlife, due to its safety and accessibility, but also
because of its pluralist and welcoming nature, and for having a extremely wide range of options for everybody and every musical taste.

Taking into account all these features, Noche Madrid (the Madrid Nightlife Businesses Board), in collaboration with the regional government of the Community of Madrid, has launched “Nightlife in Greater Madrid”. An ambitious project to boost the packaging and commercialisation of tourism resources, experiences and products connected to Madrid’s nightlife, increasing thus the per tourist average ticket for tour operators.

There is a wide range of services offered by nightlife venues that can be easily packaged and commercialised for tourism: tickets that include entrance plus drinks in the best clubs, tickets to live shows, wine tastings and gastronomic pairings, bar hopping tours, private rooms and VIP lounges, reserved tables with bottles of champagne and liquors, etc.

Noche Madrid has two platforms in order to facilitate the commercialisation of these services. The first one, NIGHTLIFEINGREATER-
MADRID.ES, includes a directory of the main nightlife venues classified by type, location, price range, drink prices… and contact forms for eventual requests. is another platform that allows access to a large number of venues specialized in group events and all kinds of corporate and recreational experiences. This website includes a virtual tour for every venue, as well as provides information about its main features: capacity and dimensions, technical equipment, facilities… And,
eventually, a tour operator could even get in contact with the venue for hiring.