London and Madrid connect their nightlife to claim electronic music

Las discotecas de Madrid recorren clubs y zonas de ocio de Londres


MADRID LOVES LONDON: CONNECTING THE NIGHTLIFE OF CITIES is a project that aims to promote twinning between leisure venues and nightlife in London and Madrid, taking into account the growing importance of nightlife as a tourist attraction and brand image of the Community from Madrid.

MADRID LOVES LONDON will serve to connect the nightlife of London and Madrid , highlighting the importance of nightlife and entertainment venues and shows for the quality of life and mental health of citizens, taking into account the growing interest for socializing, music, dancing and playful and recreational activities and, at the same time, recognizing the economic and tourist importance of the nightlife of the cities .

On the other hand, the visit of the clubs and concert halls of Madrid to London highlights the importance of the recreational offer of leisure and shows for tourist destinations as reflected in the data of the study carried out by the Association of venues of leisure and shows of the Community of Madrid, NOCHE MADRID, during the last tourism fair in London, the World travel Market. In this sense, for 78.5% of Londoners nightlife is important or very important when choosing tourist destinations.

Regarding what are the main preferences and priorities of the English when it comes to enjoying the nightlife, the first place is occupied by the quality of the leisure venues for 89.2% of those surveyed, followed by the offer of public transport at night for 85.7% and, in third place, street safety at night for 82.1% .

When assessing the quality of entertainment venues, the most important thing is the atmosphere for 96.4%, followed by the local music offer with 92.8%. And in third place the prices of tickets and drinks for 92.4%.

Regarding knowledge of Madrid nightlife, 60.7% of the Londoners surveyed know about Madrid's nightlife. Among its main attractions, the modernity and quality of the leisure venues of the Community of Madrid stand out for 94.7% of the cases, tied with the magnificent offer of public transport at night time indicated by 94.7% and thirdly, they value the ease of finding the areas and entertainment venues that are concentrated in the center of Madrid.

Regarding the program of activities that the Madrid clubs will develop in London, on April 20, 21 and 22, different parties and receptions will be organized with a set of DJs , projection of visuals and performances that will seek interaction with the public in various venues and parties in the London capital, along with a tour of the main leisure areas of the city such as Camden, Shoreditch and Picadilly. Of the parties organized in London, the presence of one of the main electronic music DJs of the moment, Fátima Hajji, DJ and producer who has her own record label Silver M specialized in Techno, Hard and Tech House sounds, who will perform at one of the temples of London electronic music such as E1 in the hand of the Madrid club The Basement. On Thursday 20, the production company Mix and Noise and the DJ Antimatter club lounge Areia will perform at the Belushis Bar.

The MADRID LOVES LONDON project, organized by Noche Madrid, has the collaboration and sponsorship of the General Directorate of Tourism of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid and the support of the Spanish Tourist Office in London with the participation of the clubs Basement and Areia from Madrid, and the production company Mix and Noise.